The Finals are now over for the 2019 UK Championships, we thank everyone who competed in the qualifiers and final.

2020 qualifiers and final dates will be announced in the coming months with all new event ideas and venues. Stay posted on our social media for all the updates and news.

All results have been published below for the 2019 championships.

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RankNameHighest RunLowest RunConfirmed
1Jakob Wilburn46.6744.67Yes
2Billy Hudson4645.67Yes
3Sam Voke4240Yes
4Scott Fraser3836.67Yes
5Joshi Chapel37.6734.33Yes
6Blake Davis3433.67Yes
7Max McNabb3130Yes
8Maddison Saunders26.3324
9Olly Adams24.6723
10Fenton Allen23.6722Yes
11Oskar Picton Tully21.6718.33
12Archie Sheriff2120.67Yes

RankNameHighest RunLowest RunConfirmed
1Charley Walker55.6749.67Yes
2Finn Rowden54.6749.33Yes
3Paddy Barson49.6748
4Isacc Josse48.6743.33Yes
5Ryan Bowen4846.33Yes
6Kyle Richards44.3341.67Yes
7Finnly Celikel4342.67
8Alex Ogilvie4237Yes
9Zack Richie4141Yes
10Leo Scott 40.3339.67Yes
11Eden Bates4038.33Yes
12Riley-Mac Rheeders39.3337.33
13Joephes Bennett3937
14Morgan Birch38.6735.67
15Alfred Robertson37.6736
16Drey Ho’bell37.3336.67Yes
17Leon Sandaradura34.6734Yes
18Connor Haden34.6730.67Yes
19Frankie White32.3329
20Ben Thompson3229Yes
21Mia Johnson3231Yes
22Harrison Cypher3028.67
23Lennon Diamond29.6728.67Yes

RankNameHighest RunLowest RunConfirmed
1Joe Rodda65.6765Yes
2Kaine Evans6563.33Yes
3Kai Watson57.6757
4Ross Grace57.6757.67
5Oliver Hood57.6755Yes
6Zak Daly57.6754.33Yes
7Cameron Carroll56.6755Yes
8Thomas Bales56.6754.67Yes
9Andrew Bugby56.6754.33Yes
10Jayson Jackson56.6752.67
11Sam Richie56.6755.33Yes
12Jamie Pearsall56.3356Yes
13Kristian Greedy54.6754.33Yes
14Evan Davis54.6753.33Yes
15Leo Daly54.6753.33Yes
16Luke Subbiani54.3353.33Yes
17Josh Hunt54.3353.33Yes
18Senna Hughes5450.67
19Aaron Bugby53.6653.33Yes
20Ben VG5351.33
21Aidan Lucking52.3348.33Yes
22Kyle Campbell52.3348.67Yes
23Thomas Ware 51.6744.67Yes
24Keinan Bruce51.3348.33
25Connor Redpath 50.3348Yes
26Oliver Tormey5047.33
27George Davis48.6744.67Yes
28Leon Jones 48.3347Yes
29Bruce Mcphee4844.33
30Bradley Laird47.6742.33
31Ollie Wood46.3345.67
32Harry Bird4644.33Yes
33Emily Jackson44.6743
34Brody Lock44.3342.33Yes
35George Wakenell4341.33Yes
36Jack Harvey4339.33Yes
37Jack Sheriff430Yes
38Reece Cubitt42.6739.67Yes
39Harry Foster-Jersey4238.33Yes

RankNameHighest RunLowest RunConfirmed
1Tyler Richards7673Yes
2Freddie Aplin7473.33Yes
3Dax Oliver7267.67Yes
4Josh Newton7271Yes
5Kiran Fox71.6767.67
6Alex Bowen70.6726.67Yes
7Ty Gibson7063Yes
8McKenzie Lewis6967Yes
9Tom Large64.6759.33Yes
10Raimie Willmott63.6761Yes
12Mitchell Havlin62.3361
13Josh Hayes60.3349Yes
14Tyler Ramsay6059
15Will Blackburn5958Yes
16Tyler Hainey57.6755Yes
17Jasin Adams57.3354.33Yes
18Oscar Prince56.3355.67Yes
19Evan Brown5553Yes
20Jacob Adams52.3352Yes
21Codie Jai49.6745.67Yes
22Edward Hall4746.67Yes

RankNameHighest RunLowest RunConfirmed
1Leon Johnson78.6767.67Yes
2Will Bailey75.6773.67Yes
3Tom Neib75.6772
4Bradley Edwards75.3358.33Yes
5Ollie Bromley7573.67Yes
6Alfie Shaw7568Yes
7Finley Alonzo74.6757.67Yes
8Holly Pipe7372.33Yes
9Matt Collingwood7358.33Yes
10Nathan Fraser 7372Yes
11James Nicholson72.6769Yes
12Tyler Sharp7271.33
13Brandon Peters7268.67
14Aiden Haines71.6770.33Yes
15Jacob Venning71.3371Yes
16Owen Anderson71.3326.67Yes
17Sam Elliott7170.67Yes
18Tom Whitaker7161.67Yes
19Toby Davies7056
20Robbie Cet 7063.67Yes
21Bradley Hughes7061Yes
22Luca Surace69.6766Yes
23Jack Hopton -Butler6966.67
24George Seers68.6767.67Yes
25Ferdie Keeling68.6767Yes
26Calum Cochran68.6762Yes
27Corey Moore68.3365.33
28Tyler Hayes6867.33
29Sarah Rock67.6764.67Yes
30Archie Strafford66.3362Yes
31Ollie Lamb65.6760.67
32Callum Goldsmith 65.6758.67
33Alexander Tait65.6761
34Harry Hedges 65.3359.33Yes
35Brad Penson6564
36Noah Tiller64.6755.33Yes
37Sam Tulett64.3364Yes
38Elliot Curtis 6455.33
39Joe Mead63.3363
40Robbie Wilson 62.6761.67Yes
41Zak Tindall62.3356.67
42Ben Hunt61.3359
43Ruane Williams60.6757.33
44Conal McDowall5957.67
45Fin Macken55.3353.67

RankNameHighest RunLowest RunConfirmed
1Dante Hutchinson9184Yes
2Phoenix Evans89.6780.33Yes
3Isiah Samms86.3384.33Yes
4Jay Sweet8580.33Yes
5Kieran Powell8583.33Yes
6Archie Cole84.3379Yes
7Harvey Horton Davies8484Yes
8Callum Edge83.3380.67Yes
9Jayden Sharman83.3383Yes
10Callum Marcroft 82.3378.67Yes
11Ben Abbott81.6773.67Yes
12Callum Rogers 81.6777.67Yes
13James Gellatly81.6779Yes
14Leo Spencer81.6779.33Yes
15Regan Wedgebrow8175.33Yes
16Robert Blaine80.6776
17Lewis Jones80.3376Yes
18Jake Chatterley 79.6775.67Yes
19Harvey Bevan79.3324Yes
20James Thomason7971.33Yes
21Dalton Taylor78.6776
22Connor Fettes78.3373.67Yes
23Morgan Jones7873.67Yes
24Devon Low77.6775.67Yes
25Sam Turner 76.6772Yes
26Calvin de Font76.3372Yes
27Boaz Hughes7675.67Yes
28Luke Potter7675.33Yes
29Isaac Dixon 7571.67Yes
30Nathan Scullion74.3373.67Yes
31Connor Carter7474
32Carter Hughes73.3371.33Yes
33Haydon Ferrari7370.67Yes
34Jamie Addison71.6770.33Yes
35Ally Forrest70.6770.33Yes
36Marcus Dickinson70.6769.67
37Ross Murray70.6770.33Yes
38Charlie Lawlor70.3363.33Yes
39Michael Winn69.3340
40Tom Owen6968Yes
N/AJamie HullCurrent ChampCurrent ChampYes