• The judging panel will consist of a total of at least three (3) judges selected by the event organiser or Scoot Sport GB.
  • A Judging area will be provided at the course and must be able to command a good view of the course.
  • Whilst the competition is underway, communication with the judges by any person/s is not to be allowed except that of the MC in need of clarification matters or safety reasons.
  • Only the rider, the MC and any appointed Photographer, Videography will be permitted on the riding course during any CompetitionΒ 
  • All judges decisions are final. In the event of a complaint regarding the Judging at any event, the SGB committee will investigate. Outcomes of any such investigations will be detailed.
  • One judge will be appointed Head Judge and must be responsible for collecting and recording Score sheets, immediately following each heat or section of individual runs. The head judge will be responsible for ensuring that ALL the score sheets are handed to the Event Organiser.
  • The next competitor will not start their run until the judges scores have been recorded.
  • All Judges scores will be made available to all competitors on completion of each event, this will be done within aΒ practical timescale.


All results and finishing positions will be made available and published as soon as practically possible after the event with the top 3 positions being announced and awarded at the event itself.



  • Tricks that are difficult to execute.
  • Technical tricks.
  • Difficult lines within the park.
  • Large gaps or high airs will also be taken into account.


  • A run consisting of various types of tricks (grinds, stalls and airs).
  • Using the park to its full capability (tricking on as many obstacles as you can).
  • Using the park in ways that other competitors are not.
  • The more varied the run and the more obstacles ridden the higher the score.


  • A run that has been done without any feet touching by mistake or crashes.
  • Tricks done but not pulled smooth will also come into account.
  • The less touches or crashes and the smoother the run the higher the score.


  • Confidence that is shown in a riders run, i.e attempting hard tricks.
  • Originality